Spotfin Croaker from the surf - Photo courtesy Morgan Promnitz

Photo courtesy Morgan Promnitz

How It Works…

Riptide Rendezvous is a fly-fishing tournament, with a few special twists.

In order to compete, each contestant provides one “surf appropriate” fly. Before the start of the tournament, each contestant is randomly assigned a different fly provided by another participant.

Contestants can only use that single fly during the tournament. If they lose the fly, they must stop fishing.

Riptide Rendezvous is strictly catch-and-release, with scoring is based on the length of the fish caught. All species of fish are eligible, and there are award categories for:

  • First fish
  • Largest boney-skeleton fish (e.g. surf perch, corbina, halibut, croaker, kelp and sand bass, white seabass)
  • Largest cartilaginous skeleton fish (e.g. sharks, guitarfish and rays)
  • The most fish caught.

Both the anglers and the persons tying the winning flies will receive awards.

At the end of the tournament, there is a BBQ lunch and the awards ceremony. Immediately following, there is a fantastic raffle, with all net proceeds going to the Southwest Council of Fly Fishers International.

Membership in the SWC-FFI or affiliated clubs is NOT required to participate! But if you’re so inclined, you can join the SWC-FFI, and/or find a local fly fishing club at the SWC-FFI website

Need more details? See the full set of Riptide Rendezvous Rules by clicking HERE.

How it works - Riptide Rendezvous's inspiration - One Surf Fly San Diego

Photo by John Loo