The Lineup at One Surf Fly San Diego - Pacific Beach

Photo by John Loo

A Little Bit of History

Gary Bulla wetting a line

Gary Bulla wetting a line

The first Surf Zone Rendezvous

The first Surf Zone Rendezvous (click for larger image. Photo courtesy Jay Murakoshi)

Back in 2004…Surf fly-fishing in Southern California was still in its infancy, and even though it had a growing base of hard-core supporters, the sport lacked a venue where practitioners could gather to celebrate and exchange ideas. Notable fly-fishermen Ken Hanley, Gary Bulla and Jay Murakoshi invited their surf fly-fishing friends to Rincon Beach Park to fish, swap stories, and have a good time. Dubbed the “Surf Zone Rendezvous”, it was the beginning of many similar gatherings to come, like “Pints and Flies” and “Trout Huggers Ball” from and’s “Meet and Greets” for their forum members.

Al Q showing a little surf love

Al Q showing a little surf love

In 2009, Al Quattrocchi started the “One Surf Fly” event. A for-fun gathering that was held at different venues up and down the coast, it was an annual event intended to help support local fly shops and non-profits that protected ocean resources. Modeled after the freshwater “one fly” trout tournaments held in Wyoming, OSF had its own fun twists and a non-competitive nature. Featuring a two hour beach format, a random fly exchange, and a “lose it and you’re done” rule, the One Surf Fly became a much-anticipated get-together. OSF lasted eight years with nine events, ending in 2016 at Dockweiler State Beach..

Bolsa Chica Surf Rendezvous

Flashback photo, from Steve Piper’s office wall. Photo courtesy Steve Piper (click for larger image)

In response to continued strong interest in a surf fly-fishing event, the Southwest Council of Fly Fishers International decided to hold its own gathering, entitled “Riptide Rendezvous”. With input from Al, the event was closely modeled after One Surf Fly, and had the goal of continuing the tradition of fun and camaraderie that have been part and parcel of these gatherings since day one. Through outreach and education, the FFI hopes to continue the tradition of supporting surf fly-fishing along California’s beautiful coasts.

(Thanks to Al Quattrocchi for providing much of this background information).